An Integrated Body/Energy treatment session with Lynda Money is unique and highly effective because the client is treated as a whole being, by working on all the body’s systems, in a Holistic approach.

Every one of us consist of four bodies, the physical body, the spiritual body, the mental body and the emotional body, When there is imbalance in one of these, it effects the whole.  By bringing all of these aspects of ourselves into alignment with each other, allows the body’s innate ability to heal itself, to bring balance and healing to the whole. Lynda’s intuitive gift is to listen to your body and help it regain its natural balance and state of wellbeing.  

Lynda will be intuitively guided to use the best of blend of treatments from her vast repertoire of modalities, to restore health and well-being in your body.
 Unlike conventional medicine which works primarily on  treating only the symptoms of discomfort or pain, this holistic/Integrated  approach works on both the symptoms and treats  the root cause of the problem and so affects a much better healing response especially in the treatment of long-term problems.
This approach works so well because it addresses the person as a whole, working on all the body’s numerous systems. Including the circulatory, digestive, nervous system and internal energy system, DNA and belief patterns.  As so many of our aches, pains and illness are caused by emotional imbalances as a result of stress, grief, & negative thought patterns  which then manifest as a physical problem by unbalancing the different parts of the body, causing pain and dis-ease. 

Lynda’s unique approach brings release & healing to the cause of the issue, and its connection through the bodies systems and so this leads to healing and balance on all levels.

Each client is assessed at the time of consultation to work out the best possible combination of treatments to get the optimum result.