Energy Psychology

Quantum physics and ancient spiritual teachings agree that our experience of reality, how we react, and view the world  is determined by our beliefs, our thought patterns, attitudes, and perceptions, so  We are our Thoughts, Beliefs & Perceptions, along with our genetic and ancestral memoires held in the cellular field of the body, this is our "truth”, of who we are. Even though a lot of this information is not ours, as we often take on others "truths" especially in our formative years, from our parents, media, society, teachers and passed down genetically from our ancestors.
For example, Jane as a child is told she is "useless", not "good enough" she grows up with that belief, and it becomes who she is.   She feels unworthy, un-valued.

This is a mental programme, the mind works like a computer, and it operates from the data that is stored within its programmes.  As we experience life, the mind looks through the old history data files/programmes, to find a match, so it will know how to react to a particular situation.

 So Jane in adult life is  asked by her boss to do a presentation at work, the mind will look through the history programmes to find a match, and how to react, she immediately feels inadequate, the voice in her head, telling her she is useless, not good enough, as she plugs back in to the old data programme. Her body then feels anxious, and she gets stressed out, by this pressure. She develops headaches; wakes in the middle night, her body feels tense.
 She tells herself, she is being stupid for feeling this way, thus re-enforcing the not good enough belief, because every time we tap back into these old patterns, the Neuron Connections in the brain, which operate this old pattern, become strengthened, so we get trapped into repeating the same negative thought patterns and reactions, resulting in self sabotage.

The key is to ACKNOWLEDGE and RELEASE  to unlocking ourselves from these old patterns, and clear the restrictive programmes, with Energy Psychology, so we can shine out and be free, to be who we really are.                               
 The first law of physics is "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction" In other words....
"What you Resist Will Persist and Grow Stronger and Dominate Your Life"
If you resist feeling anger for instance it will persist and grow stronger.

 Anger, Sadness, Fear are things we have a tendency to judge and resist, as we often feel it is "wrong" to feel anger, or self indulgent to feel sad, so we "suck it up"
 If you judge it, you are resting it,   if you find fault with yourself for having it,   you are resisting it, and it will persist.

And it’s the resistance to feeling an emotion, which causes the pain.

By allowing yourself to feel ALL of your feelings, without judgement, is the way to be free, and reconnect to who you really are and be in a clear space, free from the old negative thought patterns.

 Modern day Physics, shows us we exist in an invisible field of conciseness, Dr Rupert Sheldrake calls this field the Morphogenetic Fields he says...

The morphic fields of mental activity are not confined to the insides of our heads. They extend far beyond our brain though intention and attention. We are already familiar with the idea of fields extending beyond the material objects in which they are rooted: for example magnetic fields extend beyond the surfaces of magnets; the earth’s gravitational field extends far beyond the surface of the earth, keeping the moon in its orbit; and the fields of a cell phone stretch out far beyond the phone itself. Likewise the fields of our minds extend far beyond our brains.

This Zero Point Field, is a web that connects every one and every thing, we exist in this vast quantum field of energy, constantly communicating, It is through this connection, using Energy Psychology, drawn from her knowledge and studies of Reference Point Therapy, Theta Healing, Ho Oponopono, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, & Life Upgrade, that Lynda will help you clear the programmes that hold you back, and allow you to be Free to be Who You Really Are, .  

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