Internal MyoFascial Release for Women's Health

Chronic tightness of the fascial structures in the pelvis and perineum can result in pelvic pain, loss of libido, fear of intimacy, bladder infections, numbness in the pelvic area, emotional and mental dissociation, foot pain, PTSD. 

This tightness can be the result of Scar tissue, causing adhesions,  thickening and hardening of the soft tissue.
It can also be the result of trauma. When we suffer trauma the effects can be held in the fascia system for years.

This trauma can be caused by  Childbirth, episiotomy scars,  surgery, sexual abuse, accidents, and even witnessing trauma.

 As all emotions carry a frequency, which vibrate in the body, It is also possible for this trauma to resonate with a past life trauma with the same  “note” and then this is triggered again in the cellular memory of the body, for example a client who experienced childbirth trauma, which included cutting &  tearing of the perineum resulting in a fistula. This resonated with  “memories” of past life mutilation, adding to the trauma felt in the body.

Internal MFR is done gently and sensitively to the the areas of restriction in the perineum and within the vagina.