Deep Tissue Massage

Effects of massage

The physical & psychological effects include:

Massage Therapy works specifically to get rid of symptoms caused by stress & trauma. Massage benefits the whole body, and its individual systems, resulting in released tension, relaxation of the muscles, and renewed energy levels.

The effects of stress & trauma on the body can be both physical and emotional, resulting in aches, pains, frequent colds & infections (due to a weakened immune system)  also insomnia unexplained fears & anxiety, and panic attacks.
  • If you are anxious, massage encourages deeper and more efficient and relaxed breathing, prompting deeper sleep
  • Boosts immunity, leaving you less susceptible to illness
  • Relaxes the body, thereby reducing tension and the effects of stress
  • Relaxes the mind, thereby reducing anxiety and its effects
  • Soothing and ‘lifting’ to the emotions and increases positive feelings
  • Increases energy levels by invigorating all body systems and reducing fatigue
  • Massage makes you feel GOOD
Lynda uses a unique combination of different bodywork techniques to obtain the best results for her clients.  These tools included…

Integrated Myofascial Release, which works on a deep level “unwinding” the restricted fascia tissue, which surrounds all muscle fibres and organs, this is where the muscle memory is held and so by release tension at this level, allows the body to restore its natural balance. Triggerpoint Therapy, which works in releasing and eliminating those painful “knots” Lymphatic Drainage. Which stimulates the Lymphatic system and reduces cellulite and swelling in the tissues.   
Deep Tissue Massage this deep form of massage works on releasing tension in the musclefibres allowing the release of lactic acids, and prompting ease of movement, eliminating stiffness & restriction.

Neuromuscular /Muscle energy technique to lengthen muscle fibres and increase range of motion.