Spinal Touch

What is Spinal Touch?

Spinal Touch is a unique and effective light touch technique. It aims to bring the spine into mechanical balance by realigning the body's centre of gravity which is situated on a plane between the fifth lumbar vertebra and the first sacral segment. The treatment is based on the principle that such a realignment, by releasing tension in adjacent muscles, vertebrae and nerves, can play a central part in restoring health. In both its postural assessment and its treatment, Spinal Touch has the great virtue of being so gentle and non-invasive that no physical harm can be done with it. Although it is best known for helping with back ailments and associated disorders Spinal Touch can be of benefit in a far wider range of conditions. It is especially effective in conditions which are stress related.


Where did Spinal Touch come from?

Spinal Touch was developed in the 1920's by an American engineer and chiropractor called John Hurley. As an expert in the effects of gravity on structure he sought a way of treating the body as a complete and unified whole. Noticing the effects of gravity on his buildings, he turned his attention to the human body, and observed that pain and sickness was often accompanied by distortion of posture, hunched shoulders, head and neck forward, chest caved in, etc.

Being a man very much ahead of his time and with his knowledge of acupuncture and other energy systems, he devised SPINAL TOUCH - originally called Aquarian Age Healing - and worked very successfully. Hurley's method consistently showed an ability to help physical conditions for which everything else had failed. In his own research he found that the lighter the touch the more powerful the results and thus he became in effect a pioneer of light touch therapy.

What Does a Spinal Touch treatment involve?

An initial postural assessment at the plumb-line is used to identify any postural distortion or mis-alignment, while the patient is undressed (underwear can be kept on). After this the patient receives a highly individualised treatment while lying on the stomach on the treatment couch. Each treatment lasts only 15 minutes. During the treatment the practitioner applies a precise sequence of light pressure contacts to more than a hundred points on spine, shoulders, neck, head, abdomen etc. This releases energy blockages in the spine and in supporting organs and muscles and promotes a free flow of energy through muscles, bones and joints. This serves both to guide the body towards postural correction and to encourage the release of tension and pain.

As mentioned before, the intention of the treatment is to relax, release and regenerate the whole energy field. This can sometimes be felt by the patient as sensations of warmth, tingling or deep relaxation to the point of going to sleep. The change is often dramatic and is usually accompanied by a sense of well being and absence of pain often after only one or two treatment.

Who can it help?

Spinal Touch can have a direct and beneficial effect on any patient regardless of what symptoms of ill-health they may be exhibiting. It is a non-manipulative, holistic treatment which has a general life-enhancing effect. There are no contraindications to treatment. It can also be used with any other medication or treatment. In fact, it will increase the effect of these, especially if they are natural therapies. As it is so gentle, it can safely be used on children, the elderly and even animals.

Conditions which have been helped include: ankylosing spondylitis, anxiety, arthritis, asthma, back pain, balance problems, digestive problems, frozen shoulder, headache, pregnancy and childbirth, jaw problems, joint pain, kyphosis, lordosis, low energy and fatigue, menstrual problems, migraine, multiple sclerosis, neck pain, pins and needles, recurrent infections, repetitive strain injury, scoliosis, sciatica, sinus problems, sport injuries, tennis elbow, tension, visual disturbances, whiplash injury and many more.

After treatment

The body has an amazing intelligence and knows what needs to be done, so each person reacts in their own special way. You may feel tingling, a sensation of warmth or feel so relaxed you go to sleep! Any dizziness is usually temporary and the result of increased energy flow in the system. Any tiredness and flu-type aches are just your body have a "spring clean", so drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins and cleanse the bloodstream.

If you feel "supercharged" please do not go home and spring clean your house from top to bottom or dig furiously in the garden!! The energy is there for your healing. Don't waste it!

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