Hot Stone Massage Therapy 

Melt your cares & tension away with a nurturing healing hot stone massage.

Feel the knots of stress and strain dissolve from your body, as you allow the hot stones to soften the rigidity in your body, leaving you feeling restored, rejuvenated and deeply relaxed. Lynda uses the healing art of stone therapy, using various massage techniques and warm stones to relax the body at its deepest level. This style of massage is effective in creating harmony and balance.  The energies of these ancient stones calm the senses, relax muscle tension and promote a meditative state.
The heat from the stones penetrates to a deeper level, bringing physiological changes as well as influencing the body’s internal energy flow (Chi) resulting in a balance of both body and mind.

A  Hot Stone Therapy Massage with Lynda,  unlike a lot of stone Massage treatments, works to a deeper level. As the stones are used in a more remedial  and  effective way  as part of the  massage, integrating them with advanced  bodywork techniques including, Swedish massage, eastern massage therapies, trigger point work, stretching, myofascial release, and  Energy Healing, resulting in  a deep, Holistic medical massage, to provide a deeper more effective longer lasting relaxation and treatment of chronic pain.

How it works

When your muscles are tense, due to stress, tension, & bad posture such as sitting for long periods of time at a computer, the muscle fibres become hard and develop knots, resulting in sore, stiff, painful areas, with reduced blood supply, and toxic acids build up, compounding the situation.  The hot stones draw fresh blood to the area being worked,(vasodilatation) bringing with it oxygen, and nutrients  which nourishes the tissues and aids the release of stored and locked in wastes from tense muscles,  draining with it the toxins and waste products which have been trapped in the tense muscles fibres. This reduces inflammation and encourages a further influx of fresh oxygenated blood. Resulting in soft free flowing muscle tissue. It is this response within our body, which works as a catalyst to assist the body in self-healing.

Hot Stone Therapy is extremely energising and warming for the body; it nourishes the soul and relaxes the mind. By using the stones in combination with traditional massage techniques, hot stone massage is able to reach deeper levels than a regular massage. Hot Stone is ideal for back pain, stress related conditions and sluggish systems. Stone Therapy is far more than a massage with hot stones; it is a multidimensional treatment that reaches the very soul.
Basalt Stones

Basalt lava stones are volcanic, erupted from the belly of 'mother earth'. That has been subjected to immense geological pressures. Hot basalt lava stones are used for their penetrative warmth to help release deep muscular tension, congestion and improve the general circulation.  They have a unique vibration energy, which brings balance and energizes the body. There is something deeply spiritual about being cocooned in the heat of these lava stones, as if enveloped by a warm embrace in the arms of Mother Earth.