I  went to my session with Lynda with a complete open heart and mind to receive what I needed.   I had recently been diagnosed with a low thyroid but I knew there was something else but couldn’t put my finger on it.

 Lynda made me feel completely at ease as we spoke and I started bringing up things that  I had not dared to talk about for a long time the things you don’t talk about and then just before the session, she hit the nail on the head. Fear, I had been feeling fearful of everything even to the extent of not wanting to be out late and walking outside alone.

The session itself was very gentle but quite an emotional release, I could see images of old events as clear as day even things that I thought hadn’t impacted me were there being brought into the open to see.  It was like opening all of Pandora’s boxes at once.

When the session was over there was a sense of relief, all those things being stuck now let free, and freeing me also. The next couple of days after the session as this sense of calmness and real sense of knowing that I hadn’t experienced for a long time.   As the days past there was this sense that things had been shifted and are continuing to shift and that I am open to  something big to come my way. The fear has subsided, I am feeling at ease with myself now and allowing me to be me.    
The session has stirred things up in me and for me, in ways that I couldn’t imagine, I being more present in me and questioning what is important to me, that will serve me better.

Ms. S .Smith


When I first met Lynda I couldn't help but cry, feeling so safe to express my fears & emotions. I also felt such relief at finding this very special person who genuinely cared.
At that time I was about to go through IVF & Lynda helped me tremendously through what could have been very stressful, but wasn't for me. I honesty believe that Lynda's positive support helped my body to have the strength to nurture & give birth to 2 beautiful, healthy twin girls!

Despite moving several times (now living in Canada) since meeting Lynda I have kept in contact with her & recently sought her help after going through a very difficult time. I recently had a diagnosis of OCD & the realization that this disorder has kept me imprisoned for over half of my life & has contributed to marriage difficulties, I knew it was time for change.

Lynda knew this too & she knew that it had to involve healing past wounds & traumas. I desperately wanted to love, forgive & accept myself for who I am & finally be truly happy. Lynda was instrumental in helping me to release the self-doubt & negativity within me & gave me a very important tool to enable me to love myself. She asked me to picture my inner child self & to show her the love that she deserves. It's very difficult to be self critical if you imagine yourself as a child! Lynda's healing & this advice has been pure gold for me in my journey into self-love spiritual growth & happiness. 

Lynda, honestly, I feel so blessed to have met you & lucky to have experienced the beauty of your healing. Thank you xx



I went to Lynda because I was feeling emotionally drained. I felt that I had lost the real inner me. Lynda made me feel so comfortable. The treatment that Lynda gave me released a lot of negative feelings, and opened me up to many positive feelings instead. After only just one treatment, the changes that I noticed were amazing. This change in me has also had such a positive influence on my whole family. I can't thank Lynda enough.



I want to say 'wow' after visiting Lynda!  I don't have the vocabulary to explain how amazing my experience was. I feel like I have turned a corner after feeling anxious, emotional and stressed for so long. 

Lynda really is capable of 'magic' and made me feel at peace after just 2 hours. Something I have been striving for for several years.
If you feel that you have tried everything to feel calm, stress free, confident, in control, and it has failed, please visit Lynda. You will not be disappointed. 

Lynda, thank you for rescuing me x  


Lynda is a very gifted woman. She has helped me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for her. She is a gifted healer, coupled with wonderful talents as a massage therapist. It is both an honour and a privilege to know her. 

- Amanda

Hi Lynda

You probably don't remember me as I saw you a long time ago, my married name was ---------and I came to you with back pain (caused by my weight!).

I've been wanting to contact you for a while and only just got round to it; I was in a really dark place at the time and a comment you made, which I didn't accept there and then, was a turning point in my journey in to sunshine. I want to thank you for being perceptive enough and caring enough to make as much of a comment as you knew I could take at the time; you said you had the feeling I was barely able to cope and you were right.

Life's great now and I'm very grateful for all the little things along the way that made such a difference.


I am a very nervous person so even plucking up the courage to see Lynda took months, but a soon as I sat down I felt quite relaxed (amazing in itself). The whole experience was emotional and wonderful. I have struggled to find words to explain how I felt after each session, but everything felt so peaceful and warm, almost as if I was floating in the air. It has changed the way I deal with many situations and how I deal with my own emotions. Thank you so much it was an amazing experience and one I hope to carry on from time to time. 


I had no idea what to expect when I first visited Lynda. I had been feeling awful both physically and emotionally for a number of months. I had blamed this on the menopause (brought on by a hysterectomy) and not being able to take HRT after a DVT and its associated problems. I was being treated by my GP for my physical aches and pains and also anxiety and depression. Hopeless is probably a good word to describe my feelings at that time..

From my first visit, things started to change. Lynda is such a warm and understanding person and from the minute I met her I felt I had met someone who really understood and most of all listened. I experienced some very powerful emotions and unburdening during my early visits. Lynda helped me to realise exactly how much emotional baggage I had been carrying for so many years which had been manifesting as physical symptoms and strong feelings such as guilt and fear.

Lynda uses a number of different therapies and treatments and each session and treatment is different.   Afterwards, I feel both calm and energised at the same time.   I continue to make improvement after each visit and have recently noticed a great change in my outlook on life. I had been having great difficulty looking forward and now find it much easier to make plans and feel optimistic. I have also stopped feeling guilty if I put myself or my needs first occasionally. This is really helping me tackle issues I had been neglecting in my personal and work life.

My aches and pains are so much better now my body is not hanging onto the emotional  issues in the form of tension in my back and shoulders and Lynda has many ways of banishing those tight and tense muscles (Ohh those amazing hot stones)!

I have also had a number of thought provoking conversations with Lynda and learnt so much about our physical and emotional being. I have developed a keen interest in more spiritual issues and have taken 2 Reiki courses.

I will continue to visit for my monthly treatments. I see it as investment in my wellbeing. I cannot thank Lynda enough and would not hesitate in recommending her.
Sue - Blackwater

After  six years of chiropractic treatment for 'lower-back pain' their massage therapist gave me a personal recommendation to Lynda Money.  She felt that my persistent lumbar problem needed deeper investigation.  It was, if anything, getting worse year by year.  I was beginning to be imprisoned in a daily regimen of hour-long stretches, special limitations on travel, spending more and more on back massages.  I had to turn down some opportunities for work.  I was at first sceptical of the therapy based on myofacial theories but it wasn't required of me to perform any "leap of faith".  Within a few months any doubts were assuaged, as some very real and palpable transformations began to overtake me!  Looking back over 21 months I am amazed at how my life has been restored, and I am taking on more and more. I have gained so much more than just relief from back pain!
I have great confidence in Lynda's professional knowledge, experience, and accommodating attitude.  Unusually for specialists in alternative healing, Lynda did not insist on excluding my existing NHS and alternative therapies, including chiropractic and sports massage.  Lynda, a master of several therapeutic techniques, keeps abreast of advances in her subject thereby adding to her skill set.  From her ongoing reading of scientific research she liberally offers articles for my own personal improvement.  Her accommodating style extends to the arranging and re-arranging of appointments; she has often let a session go on well beyond the contracted time, gratis.

- R.Harris. 

As someone with myofascial pain syndrome and fibromyalgia, I had read about the potential benefits of myofascial release therapy and so I was reasonably optimistic about seeing Lynda from the outset. What I have actually received from Lynda has been so much more than that one specific therapy and the truly holistic treatment that I have received in its place seems always to have positive ramifications far beyond the allotted appointment time. I consistently feel that she gives all of her attention and significant ability to all of my issues (some of which I may not have consciously identified myself before the session!) and for all of the time that I am with her and afterwards, when she is never more than an email away. 

I had travelled down many routes, tried a myriad of therapies, before I met Lynda in my endless pursuit of something far more holistic than I had found to date. I was acutely aware that my physical symptoms had their root in my emotional wellbeing and the whole “baggage” of the experiences I had been through over a number of years, but could not seem to find anyone who could help me to unravel both the deep underlying source and very real actuality of my physical health issues. From the outset, Lynda displayed an uncanny knack of identifying root issues and reoccurring themes that, perhaps, I had missed or simply under-estimated and then, with her considerable range of skills, set about dealing with those issues and themes, once and for all. Each session with her was quite different; the unifying theme was that there was a real sense of unravelling and letting go of years and years of emotional weight that I had been carrying around with me in an increasingly physical way!
I can’t recommend Lynda enough; I have already done so to others who are now benefitting from her approach. The sense of “something having shifted” following her treatment can sometimes be quite overwhelming; startlingly so from such gentle treatment. For me, the feeling afterwards is also of immense calm, empowerment and renewed optimism to the extent that I can start to feel a notch better, these days, from sheer anticipation of seeing her and knowing that treatment lies ahead. I have seen immense improvement - not just in my health – but in the very core of my being, in the past months of treatment from Lynda and she has helped trigger so much of the burgeoning self-realisation and inner growth that was almost happening, but which was tied up in knots of my own making, before. Without hesitation, I would rate seeing Lynda as the most positive step I have taken over the past couple of years! Tremendous.

-Helen W.

As a hairdresser I work long hours and have done for 34 years!

I have suffered with spasmodic muscles and aches for many months and had exhausted every avenue from physio to medical expertise!

As a last resort I was recommended to Lynda and was prepared to give it a go!

after my first treatment I felt remarkable “Free” after 4 treatments I feel fantastic ……I am sleeping better , no more pain killers and my movement is so much better !

This has worked for me and I have no hesitation in recommending Lynda’s treatments …tailor made to meet your needs


Hi Lynda

Thankyou so much for your follow up letter after my appointment with you. 

I found your treatments incredible in so many ways. I have never experienced anything like it before. I feel cleansed for lack of a better word throughout my body. My back is feeling great, my sleep is better
With regard to feedback from my therapy, I felt very washed out that day and evening and lost count how many times I went to the loo. The next day I felt good and still do. My first visit with you was quite overwhelming, especially at the end. 


Thank you so much for Saturday. You are without a doubt a miracle worker. I feel sooooo much better, when in fact Ididn't  even know I was not feeling well. You know that thing about a weight being lifted off one's shoulders? You have certainly started lifting off mine. I look forward to my next appointment.

-Anna B ( Fleet)

As promised I Wanted to let you know how things have been since out Theta session on Tuesday. I must say I am Amazed  at the results straight away. I Feel somewhat empowered in many asspects and am truly grateful for your work with me. Can  book another appointment please?

-(Greg S Guildford)

“From the moment I enter Lynda’s treatment room, I start to feel relaxed. Her treatments are something I really look forward to in my hectic schedule, and are increasingly something that I feel I cannot do without.  Lynda has a way of knowing just how you are feeling and adapts her treatment to the individual accordingly. She has a very calming and soothing aura and her professionalism is second to none. I recommend a visit to Lynda Money wholeheartedly, you won’t be disappointed.”    
- Jane R (owlsmoor)

“I have been coming to Lynda for over a year now, for regular Reiki healing sessions, and in that time I have seen a total transformation in my mood patterns and ability to cope with stress & work pressures. The treatment always leaves me feeling very calm, positive and ready to face the outside world. Lynda has a great sense of where the healing is most needed and I always feel very chilled out, afterwards.”

- Guy M (Camberley)

I started seeing Lynda because I was physically and emotionally exhausted and felt in need of some TLC so went along originally for a massage and some Reiki. Over recent months she has - with a combination of Theta healing, Reiki and her wonderful healing hands - cleared so many of the things that have been niggling at me for such a long time. She has a wonderful welcoming, calm and unhurried approach which always makes me feel as though I am the only person she is seeing that day. I couldn't recommend Lynda highly  enough. 

-Jayne O (Camberley)

Thank you again for monday, the treatment has  made a huge difference. I don't feel as pressured by anything and I've definitely felt a difference in the way I have approached the essay I've got due in next week.

I've found it much easier to concentrate which has made my days much more productive and after maybe a weeks worth of researching and planning it's nearly finished. It normally takes right up until the deadline for me to finish because I get myself so worried about not doing enough that I cant concentrate on doing any! 

 And My hip and shoulder have been much more comfortable, thank you again!

-Amy (Brighton)

“ I have had niggling lower back pain for many years, having seen many different types of therapist, none gave me long-lasting relief. A friend recommended Lynda Money to me and rather sceptically, I went along to see her. After just 3 sessions of Lynda’s unique combinations of Spinal Touch and massage I am now completely pain- free. I was amazed, that something so gentle could have such a huge effect. I now attend for periodical “top-ups” and lead a normal life again, pain-free. I am so grateful, thank you.”

Ian P (Thames Ditton)

“I go to Lynda for regular treatments as it has helped so much with my shoulder pain. I sit at a computer all day, and my posture was very bad. This has improved enormously and I have noticed I feel so much more energized after my session. I never miss my regular monthly sessions they are my treat to my self!

- Marie (Farnborough)

“ I had been suffering many pains and problems for two years, and my only option left was an operation, which I wanted to avoid if possible. So in desperation I tried “alternative” therapy, and with Lynda’s help I made the connection between my parents death and my illness and was able to let go and move on. I may need surgery in the future, but at the moment am symptom free. I cannot recommend Lynda highly enough.

- Sheila (Camberley)

“I have had many massage treatment sessions from Lynda’s ‘magic hands’, and found them to be wonderfully relaxing, soothing and therapeutic. After my treatments I felt de-stressed and re-energized. I thoroughly recommend her; she is an excellent massage therapist.”

- Andrea W (Camberley)

I am so pleased that I came to see you last Friday and thank you for my Reiki session.

I felt I was able to release and let go of a lot of the pain and emotion I was holding on to following the death of both my parents. I felt I needed to begin to do that in order that I could start to move on in my life and thank you for making that possible. I felt a great release and a feeling of calmness and acceptance. I was able to visit the place where we scattered my parents ashes without being upset - just peace and the sense that they had moved on. I know now that they are with me when I need them but I can let them go.

- Joan B (Hartney Whitney)

I am really looking forward to our session on Saturday.  I'm not sure that I have the vocabulary to describe how the first session made me feel other than to say stronger and more complete. When things have been tough over the last couple of weeks I have looked back to some of what I felt and it has helped to get back some balance and confidence. 

So simply, thank you.
- Paula  (Surrey)

Thank you for the Theta work you did on me yesterday. I have slept well over the weekend andt I do feel calmer within myself and a renewed sense of freedom which is great.

- Terry(Camberley)