Life Upgrade - A new way of Being

The wonderful and beautiful Tracy Holoway, whos work is On the cutting edge of exploration into consciousness, creating reality and effortless living - Life Upgrade is a powerful system through which infinite possibilities to transcend limitation exist. The wonderful Matt Khan, beautiful soul, guiding with activations embedded withing his teachings Meditations by Bellerth Naparstek
Wonderful, powerful guided imagery, works on the deepest level to assist the body to heal.
I highly recommend General Wellness - Health Journeys by Belleruth Naparstek is a non-profit) corporation dedicated to spreading Light through Empowerment.

Jim Self’s clear and helpful website full of great tools to assist us at this magical time.Especial useful for those just awaking.

A wonderful range of Essences, handmade with love and care to promote gentle & natural harmony at all levels of your being.

Sweat Lodge Spiritual sweating cleanses the mind, body, emotions and spirit, contributing to a healthier individual. Through the use of traditional rituals and forms, it assists the individual in achieving balance and peace within themselves as well as with others and their environment